Tips on starting a car industry career

Michael James

The car industry has myriad opportunities for employment.

Despite the advancing transition toward electric vehicles, the car industry isn’t going away. It’s still a good area in which to start a career, and it can be lucrative.

With proper research, studying and perseverance, a sought-after job can provide employment security.

What Roles Are Available?

And with proper research, studying, motivation and perseverance, it can be achieved. Employment opportunities are plentiful in the huge industry — car designer to engineer and salesperson and warehouse supervisor.

Working in the car industry can be lucrative and secure.
Working in the car industry can be lucrative and secure

More technical roles in the car industry will require an education, generally a university degree. Understanding the right course selection is imperative. Less technical roles are available without a college degree.

For example, you can get something like an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification to prove you know how to work on electrical, mechanical, and other automotive systems. You’ll need to master the ASE exam to earn such a certification.

Further important, determine what automotive industry roles work for your strengths and motivations. Working against your strengths is a waste of time and energy.

Align Your Life with Your Goal

If you are serious about working in the car industry, prepare properly. One idea to start an automotive career is the begin working in the industry, such as a job driving for Uber (don’t forget Uber insurance)or another ride-share company. By working in the industry, you can learn and lot about cars and the people who drive them.

The car industry has myriad opportunities for employment.
The car industry has myriad opportunities for employment.

Reading about the car industry is also important. Biographies of important people in the industry offer knowledge. Watching motorsports and networking with automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders is also beneficial. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and career fairs provide good resources to let employers know your intentions.

Look After Yourself

While considering your career in the automotive industry, make sure to get care of yourself. Eat healthily. Exercise. Taking care of your body is a great stress-busting technique. Set mini goals for yourself when they’re achieved, treat yourself to a reward. It’s motivating and will help in your pursuit of working in the automotive industry.

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Article Last Updated: July 19, 2023.

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