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BMW debuts electronic concept i3 at Frankfurt auto show

BMW has joined the green car market with the i3, an all-electric small city car, and the i8, a powerful hybrid sports car featuring an electric motor with a three-cylinder combustion engine.

The BMW i3 Concept, which features rear-wheel drive, is making its debut at the current Frankfurt auto show.

Both cars are constructed with light-weight aluminum structures and carbon fiber bodies and will operate on smaller batteries without sacrificing efficiency.

The i3 is expected to travel as far as 95 miles on a single charge; the i8 will have 21-mile range on its electric engine.

BMW debuts electronic concept i3 at Frankfurt auto show 1
BMW Concept i8 hybrid car scheduled for 2014 debut.

BMW hasn’t announced pricing, but the i3 should be available in late 2012 or early 2013 and the i8 in 2014.

Selected specifications of the BMW i3 Concept:

Number of seats: 4
Top speed: 93 mph.
Acceleration: 0-60 kph, 3.9 seconds; 0-100 kph, 7.9 seconds.
Electric range: Everyday range: 80-100 miles.
Battery charge time: Standard: 6 hours (100 percent charge); 1 hour (80 percent charge)


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