Episode 13, Donald Farr honors Boss Mustang (Video)

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Donald Farr is a Ford Mustang expert. But the historian doesn’t see it that way. He’s too humble. He cites others as all-knowing experts when the topic is the famous sports car.

Farr, a Mustang owner, journalist and author, is our guest on Episode #13 of the The Weekly Driver Podcast, video edition. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss with Farr his new book “BOSS Mustang: 50 Years.”

Donald Farr has been a new book about the iconic edition of the BOSS Mustang on its 50th anniversary.
Donald Farr has written a new book about the iconic edition of the BOSS Mustang on its 50rh anniversary.

The book includes the complete history of the most iconic pony car ever made. It details racing and street histories of the 302 and 429 models. Photography and interviews feature BOSS Mustang designers, engineers and racers and provide a comprehensive study of the powerful machine.

Farr also discusses his family history with car brand and his enduring passion for the legendary car and how it influenced the launch of several now also iconic sports cars. He also details the Mustang’s successes and failures in Trans-Am racing. He writes the firsthand accounts from the people who created the original Boss, as well as the team that resurrected Ford’s most iconic Mustang.

Mustang owners as passionate as car enthusiasts. Farr, a Mustang owner since 1970 and the current editor of Mustang Monthly exemplifies the consummate enthusiast. It’s clearly evident in our interview with the author, and it should be. Farr has been writing about the famous vehicle for more than 30 years.

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