Buying A Car? Save Money With A Ford Focus

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When you’re looking for a reliable car to run errands in the city with impressive gas mileage and power to perform long distance road trips, consider a Ford Focus.

The reliable compact is an ideal starter car. Unveiled for the North American market in 1999, the three generations of the Ford Focus have all proven strong buying choices. As a result, CAR Magazine in the United Kingdom included the Focus in its selection of the 50 Greatest Cars of the Past 50 years.

And what better testament to a car than if a Pope chooses to ride in one like Pope Francis (affectionately known as the “Cool Pope”)? The Ford Focus has had further honors: In 2012, it was the world’s best-selling car. In 2014, the Ford Focus became the most popular car in Great Britain with more than 1.4 million sold.

The Ford Focus is stylish and efficient, thanks to its 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbocharged engine with plenty of torque. Newer models are offered in a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. Older Ford Focus models included a hatchback and wagon version and although they’ve been discontinued, they’re still accessible in the used car market.

2013 Ford Focus. Image Source:
2013 Ford Focus. Image Source:

Considering the popularity of the Focus, a great selection is available in the used car market. It’s an economically smart option instead of a new car purchase.

And if you’re thinking about buying a Ford Focus, consider the website Kijiji. It has a substantial selection of used Ford Focus models. For example, a search for used Ford Focus cars for sale on Kijiji shows a variety of models — a 2005 Ford Focus station wagon ($1,500 for a quick sale) to a nearly new 2013 Ford Focus SE ($16,500 with no payments for 90 days).

Shopping on Kijiji is also smart since online classified sites are a buyer’s market. You can directly engage and negotiate with the seller. It’s important to ask the seller questions, from the car’s history to its mileage and insurance records.

And, of course, if you purchase a vehicle, proof of sale and other safety and emissions documents are imperative.When you purchase a Ford Focus at Kijiji you’ll get a reliable vehicle acquired at a good price. And you can even have fun and think about being like Pope Francis!




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