World Cup, Hyundai have a good soccer marriage

James Raia

Hyundai and the World Cup have a sponsor partnership.

Hyundai has had plenty of innovative commercials, particularly during Super Bowl telecasts. But the South Korean automaker may have outdone itself with a series of commercials for the World Cup soccer tournament.

The first in a series of commercials shows a caravan of Hyundai vehicles on a pilgrimage to the World Cup in Brazil.

The one-minute spot, called The Journey, briefly showcases the hotspots of the World Cup. Fans have painted faces and there are Brazilian players practice in the streets with impressive moves. There are children showing their emotional enthusiasm in anticipation of the globally popular event.

There’s a huge gathering of fans watching the World Cup on a large outside television screen in Madrid, Spain, in a fan park. The screen is sponsored by Hyundai.

Hyundai and the World Cup have a sponsor partnership.
Hyundai and the World Cup soccer tournament have a sponsor partnership.

And, of course, there are the Hyundai sport utility vehicles being driving through the countryside.

Hyundai is an official sponsor of the FIFA and this introductory video hits all the hot-button topics of the world’s largest sporting event. The video is approaching 5 million views.

Article Last Updated: June 16, 2014.

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