Bubba Watson and his controversial drive, a 1969 Dodge Charger

Michael James

Bubba Watson's 1969 Dodge Charger.

Bubba Watson, a golfer of emotion and a non-purist’s swing, won The Masters for the second time in three years Sunday on the storied layout at August National in Georgia.

Watson’s second victory at the event showcased his aggressive style of play. But the golfer’s first win at The Masters also included a slight controversy.

But how did a nearly 45-year-old Dodge Charger put a damper on Watson’s first victory?

Watson’s skills and personality were captivating. But his choice of cars, a 1969 Dodge Charger named The General Lee that once “starred” in the Dukes of Hazard television program, isn’t exactly an image appreciated by NASCAR and likely not the PGA Tour, either.

Bubba Watson and his controversial drive, a 1969 Dodge Charger 1

The General Lee was driven by Luke and Bo Duke in their weekly episode of mischief. The car was named for a Southern hero, General Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate forces in the Civil War.

Watson bought one of the 321 General Lee models used in the program in January 2012 at auction for $110,000. Like its siblings, it has a Confederate battle flag painted on top, according to a detailed account of the car and the controversy it caused in an article in the Washington Times newspaper.

According to several Internet sites, 17 of the General Lee Dodge Chargers used in the television series are still in existence. The cars feature a 440 cubic inch Magnum V-8 engine that produces 364 horsepower and 490 pounds of torque.

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Article Last Updated: April 22, 2014.

10 thoughts on “Bubba Watson and his controversial drive, a 1969 Dodge Charger”

  1. his name was luke not lucas.  “a detailed account of the car and the controversial its cause”, controversy, not controversial.  caused not cause.

  2. “Lucas”?  “and the controversial its caused” [sic} ? Marse Lee needs no introduction to those who studied history. BTW, Bubba purchsed #1 of the series in case you need more specificity for your re-write. 

  3. The only thing “racist” about “dukes of hazzard” was the “racist-phobia” way that the car was dealt with in the poor attempt at a movie in 2005.

    Neither the show, nor the car, were ever racist.

    Anyone who says otherwise obviously never watched the show.

    Just a side note, “on the show” the car had a 440 engine, but in reallity, many had 383s or even 318s.


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