Rare vintage cars to rust buckets set for Oklahoma auction

Michael James

One of two Cords available in the pending auction of nearly 250 cars and truck in Oklahoma.

Another stash of vintage cars and trucks, some left untouched for more than 50 years, will go on sale via auction in June in Oklahoma. And the cache of about 250 vehicles may generate a vast amount of attention — similar to a globally popular auction last year in Nebraska.

The new auction is a graveyard of scrap metal compared to rarities in the Lambrecht family auction that featured many nearly new and rare vehicle models and attracted buyers worldwide. The auction was broadcast live on the internet.

Still, the new collection of Oliver Jordon, all stored on a scrapyard in Enid, Okla., since 1945 and closed in 1953, includes some vintage cars and some expected high-priced sellers.

One of two Cords available in the pending auction of nearly 250 cars and truck in Oklahoma.
One of two Cords available in an upcoming auction of nearly 250 vintage cars and truck in Oklahoma.

The likely two most anticipated cars are Cords — a 1936 and a supercharged 1937. Other rarities include a 1939 Lincoln seven-passenger sedan — one of the few rust-free cars (it has an aluminum body). And there’s what may be only the fourth known surviving example of a 1924 Rollin Touring sedan, the product of a little-known Ohio automaker.

The scrapyard’s history dates to Jordon’s stubbornness. City officials asked him to alter the property for zoning reasons, but he refused. Instead, Jordon surrounded the acreage with barbed wire. He added vehicles for years and died in 2004. Some of the vehicles were placed in sheds, others simply became metal planter boxes.

Jordon’s family tried to sell some of the cars individually but without success.

The Jordon auction will be held Saturday, June 7, at 9:30 a.m at 508 East South Gate Road, Enid, Oklahoma, 73701. On site and internet bids will be accepted.

To read more details about the auction to view images, visit: www.vanderbrinkauctions.com.

Article Last Updated: April 22, 2014.

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