Top-10 cars in 2013 no one is buying

James Raia

The 2013 Volvo C30 hasn't sold well and has been discontinued.

Competition in the auto industry is ever-intensifying. Or at least it seems that way. As a result, more vehicles have become better cars and fewer cars are outright bad.

But how fast cars sell or don’t sell is a good indicator of what cars customers want and don’t want.

New cars in 2013 have spent an average of 62 days at a dealership before being sold, according to the statistics of the car site, TruCar.com.

The 2013 Volvo C30 hasn't sold well and has been discontinued.
The 2013 Volvo C30 hasn’t sold well and has been discontinued. Image © James Raia/2013

The 10 slowest-selling cars so far in 2013 have all remained at a dealership for more than 100 days before selling.

It doesn’t mean the slow-selling cars aren’t quality new cars. Seasonal sales factor into the equation and a brand with a new generation pending might sell more slowly than usual. In fact, some highly ranked brands are on the slow-selling list.

So far, in 2013 the Acura TSX Sport Wagon is the slowest selling car in the United States. The Acura wagon averages 158 days in inventory before it sells. Through the end of August, only 1,491 units of the style have sold.

J.D. Power rated the 2013 TSX Sport Wagon below average for overall performance and design. And Edmunds.com’s reviewer said the Acura Sport Wagon is “a viable choice among sporty luxury cars, but that it has not kept up with the performance offered by some of its competitors.”

Here’s the list of the slowest selling cars so far in 2013:

10. Volvo XC90, 119 days
9. Land Rover LR2, 119 days
8. Nissan Maxima, 125 days
7. Nissan Murano, 127 days
6. Acura MDX, 132 days
5. Infiniti EX, 137 days
4. Acura ILX, 142 days
3. Mitsubishi Lancer, 143 days
2. Volvo C30, 146 days
1. Acura TSX Sport Wagon, 158 days

Article Last Updated: October 15, 2013.

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