Ford Transit Connect 2014: More cargo space, more passenger friendly

Michael James

The 2014 Ford Transit is among the massive Ford recall.

The 2014 Ford Transit Connect is more than just a compact utilitarian van-wagon ideally suite for small businesses, florists and taxi cab companies.

The recently unveiled new model has seven seats and achieves an estimated 30 mpg in freeway driving.


A 1.6-liter turbocharged engine or 2.5-liter, four cylinder, both six-speed automatic transmissions, is offered in the still commercially-oriented Transit Connect. It has more more than 100 cubic feet of cargo space.

The 2014 Ford Transit Connect has been redesignee.
2014 Ford Transit Connect

Transit Connect 2014 models are available in several sizes, with two wheelbase lengths, five-and seven-passenger interior layouts, and in XL, XLT and Titanium series levels.

Options include a full glass panoramic roof, rear-view camera, 6.5-inch touchscreen display with navigation, and Ford’s SYNC with MyFord Touch infotainment system. Leather, cloth or vinyl seats are available.

Introduced in 2002 in Europe, the Connect Transit was first available in North America in 2010 as a new addition to Ford lineup and without any close siblings. The Ford Aerostar, a distant relative as a standard-length cargo van, was discontinued in 1997.


Since its North American debut, the Connect Transit has been used often by small business owners, delivery and taxi companies in individual seeking an alternative to the standard small wagon or compact SUV.

Ford hopes the new Ford Transit will improve the unique vehicle sales, which are currently about 35,000 units per year.

Article Last Updated: March 14, 2014.

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