Andy Rooney: A 'love affair' with Lexus and the used car industry

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In his iconic career with CBS, Andy Rooney gave opinions about politicians and personalities and even used cars, including the history and affection for his one-time Lexus sport utility vehicle.

In the commentary, Rooney traced his former Lexus SUV's life after he sold it. It transitioned from wholesaler to wholesaler to used car lots to car auctions to the suburban family who bought the car.

As was his style, Rooney expressed his opinion, noting that the only company who didn't speak with him was the company "that probably made the most on the car."

Even in his three-minute commentarty, Rooney was a master at explaining the entire used car industry. He had a passion for his Lexus and found out what happened to it after he no longer owned.

He explained the ups and downs of how used car brokers make and don't make money.

And it Rooney at his best —  a prime example of how personal journalism can be so relevant in a short, concise format and how Rooney perfected it — even on a topic like used cars.



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