Andy Rooney: Bumper-to-bumper rant on car repairs

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With this rant by Andy Rooney on car bumpers, the logical assumption is that the CBS commentator, who retired Oct. 2 from with his regular end-of-the-show segment on 60 Minutes, must have had some fender benders along the way that were his fault.
Andy Rooney: Bumper-to-bumper rant on car repairs 1
Rooney doesn't make mention of any accidents in his two-minute routine. But he rails against car manufacturers as clips of all kinds of vehicles backing in the same post are featured with his monologue.

Rooney explains how bumpers, once extensions of cars, are now built as a part of cars. He says the only way to have fewer one-sided bumper accidents is to have cars in which all bumpers are the same height.

It all makes for a interest commentary, even though his wont, of course, isn't possible. It's Rooney at his best and worst. He doesn't seem to know much about cars, and then goes about, via a strong opinion, proving it.


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