Ferrari, Nissan, BMW chosen on 2011 All-Ugly car list

James Raia

It’s not often Ferrari and Mazda or Lotus and Nissan are featured in the same car discussion. But all of them, and several other surprising choices, have been selected on the list of the 10 ugliest cars of 2011.

John Pearley Huffman, who writes the appropriately titled Taking Blame column for the Inside Line feature on Edmunds.com, has strong and clever opinions. And he has a good share of detractors because of his selections.

Huffman believes the Ferrari California is a ugly as the Mazda3 sedan. And he lumps the Dodge Caliber with the BMW6 series.Ferrari, Nissan, BMW chosen on 2011 All-Ugly car list 1

The trio of newfangled electric-gas hybrids, the Chevy Volt, Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are grouped in an all-ugly category Huffman describes as “one amorphous, anonymous and indistinguishable hybrid lump.”

Here’s how the author describes the Ferrari California:

“It’s a ridiculously overstyled boulevard trawler that would embarrass even Maserati. The whole thing is misshapen, with a massive rump to hold the heavy foldable metal hardtop. The flanks feature lines that swoop ungraciously, and ridiculous front fender vents.

“The nose looks like a Toyota Solara’s that’s been left to melt in the sun. The thick tail is lumpy, features ugly taillights that look ripped off a ’59 Cadillac, and those aren’t real tailpipes beneath the bumper either. It’s the most comprehensively disappointing Ferrari design since, at least, the 1971 365 GTC/4 and maybe ever.

Huffman’s opinions are strong and lots of readers think he has no idea what’s he talking about. But a good share of readers also agree with him.

Here’s the Edmunds.com 2011 list of the 10 ugliest cars:

Chevy Volt/Honda Insight/Toyota Prius, BMW6 Series, Dodge Caliber, Ferrari California, Lexus HS 250h, Lincoln MKT, Lotus Evora, Maybach (entire line), Mazda3 sedan, Nissan Cube.

To read the entire article, visit: Ugliest Cars Of 2011

Article Last Updated: April 8, 2011.

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  1. One of America's greatest beauties is our First Amendment right to speak and write what we choose. Thus, Mr. Huffman's piece represents something rare and wonderful. That said, I delight in exercising my right to express my profound appreciation for the California. It is an elegant automobile, and I would drive it with pride.


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