buying a new car

Buying a new car means being honest with your own needs.

5 vital considerations when buying a car

Buying a car is many consumers’ first major purchase. It can nearly be a rite of passage and exciting, so carefully ...

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Proper maintenance for owner's first cars requires at least learning basic maintenance.

First car? Learn the basics of maintenance, repair

Buying your first car or truck can be an expensive and daunting experience. But once the vehicle is in your ownership, ...

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Buying a car? Make sure you maintain it.

Buying a car? Plan properly, buy it, maintain it

COLLABORATIVE CONTENT Buying a car is an achievement, and it’s often a substantial detailed investment. But the transaction can be more ...

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Don't let the pandemic ruin your car-buying plans.

New car-buying tips to reduce buyers’ stress

COLLABORATIVE CONTENT Purchasing a new car can be an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, it can also be stressful if ...

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Looking for a New Car? 5 Things You Have to Consider

COLLABORATIVE CONTENT It’s a great experience to own a new car, whether it’s your dream vehicle or not. The freedom to ...

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There's plenty to consider before beginning driving lessons.

What To Consider Before Starting Driving Lessons

COLLABORATIVE CONTENT If you’re thinking about taking driving lessons, there’s a lot to consider. The easy part is contacting a driving ...

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Don't let the pandemic ruin your car-buying plans.

#137, SellMax will buy your used car, junker to classic

Sean Pour is a co-founder of SellMax, a nationwide, used-car-buying service headquartered in San Diego, California. His father once owned a ...

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Covid-19 has resulted in the inventories of many 2019 vehicles still available.

#135, Buying a new car like it’s 2019

If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle, why not considering buying a new car that’s nearly two years old? There’s a ...

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What to consider when buying a used car

SPONSORED CONTENT The search for a reliable used car in good working condition is often tricky. It’s natural to suspect the ...

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New car technology improves safety, increases distractions

As infotainment systems become more complex and carmakers use further technology to improve automotive safety, driver distractions can also increase. In ...

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Use tips and best practices when buying a new or used car.

Tips, best practices for buying a new or used car

Many people take owning a car for granted until they don’t own one. Having your own mode of transportation is ideal ...

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Forget dealer stress, buy or lease a car via an app

After more than 40 years of buying and selling vehicles in dealerships across the country, Rod Buscher needed a new challenge. ...

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New car buyers are seeking easier ways shop.

Car-Buying Trends for 2017 and Beyond

SPONSORED CONTENT Millions of new cars are sold every year, and the car-buying experience can be a hassle for many consumers. ...

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Shopping for a new or used car online doesn't have to be ntimidating

5 top tips shopping for a new car (video)

Shopping for a new car is often the second most expensive purchase for consumers after buying a house. But while purchasing ...

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Buying a new car could have hidden costs.

Look at a bigger picture for buying a new car online

SPONSORED CONTENT Is it a surprise online sales of almost all products are about to surpass physical store sales? Probably not. ...

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Car title loans are a viable option for consumers.

Car title loans an option for auto consumers

When banks and credit car companies aren’t a viable choice for financing the purchase of a vehicle, there’s another lending option ...

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