What to consider when buying a used car

Michael James


The search for a reliable used car in good working condition is often tricky. It’s natural to suspect the previous owner of wanting to get rid of the car for a reason. Add to it the time spent on looking for trustworthy sellers online and visiting used car showrooms. They’re acrivities that can sometimes stretch for months and wear you out.

In short, purchasing used cars isn’t easy. But the process can be simplified if the buyer is prepared. Do your homework and utilize a convenient, pertinent checklist.

The first step in a used car search is to list the features desired — Big or small car? How many seats? Sedan or SUV? Once that’s determined, it’s easier to deterime brands that fit the criteria.

Buying the right used car requires extensive research and patience.
Buying the right used car requires extensive research and patience.

Since the internet is convenient, visiting dealerships isn’t required. You can browse locally available cars for sale through classified ads or used car websites. However, be sure to visit trustworthy websites. Scams are prevalent. Research on websites like Hertz Rent2Buy. It’s a good way to find reliable local cars.

Search the site and consider the pros and cons of different used cars. By conducting thorough internet research, a used car buyer can get a better understanding of the market. It can hopefully safeguard against dishonest sellers.

Determine a price range, and it will further narrow down your search. Calculate and account for the cash down payment, the possible trade-in value including any possible loans you owe for your old car. Be firm about your budget and avoid disclosing your target price until the seller makes you an offer. This gives you a negotiating edge over your seller.

Most importantly, when preparing your budget, keep in mind several associated costs, like an inspection, small repairs, etc.

Before visiting a dealership or contacting your seller, prepared with a list of questions. Remember to ask about mileage, the condition of the interior, records, requirements of any major repairs, and the car’s accident history.

Get your vehicle inspected by a trustworthy mechanic. Run a basic visual check of the engine and frame with your mechanic. Verify the car is in good sustainable shape.

Driving a vehicle before its purchase is imperative. How smoothly is the car on the road? Online dealership sites like Hertz Rent2Buy provide test drives to their customers. It’s essential you test the car in different conditions – city roads, the freeway and on hills.

Buying a used car is not always a smooth process, a reliable friend or advocate can provide welcomed help through the process. Browsing together can simplify finding affordable used cars and compare prices. With proper diligence, you can purchase a used vehicle that will last for a long time.


Article Last Updated: December 17, 2018.

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