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What dealers to do make car buying difficult

Top 6 things dealers to to make car buying difficult.

A root canal and shingles might be worse. But a trip to a car dealership, as opposed to car buying online, is often high on the list of unpleasant experiences. It’s not universally bad. But there’s still plenty of salesmanship, up-selling and other persuasive ways car dealers make the most they can from every buyer. …

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2017 PREVIEW: Biggest obstacles to buying cars online?

What will be the biggest obstacle to buying cars online in 2017?

What will be the biggest obstacle to buying cars online in 2017? The automotive industry had a tremendous year in 2016. The great news included: automakers seeing a third consecutive year of record sales at 17.4 million vehicles, the self-driving car making an amazing leap forward, Elon Musk becoming a superstar and the spectacular rise …

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2017 Acura MDX: Enduring SUV gets a new look

The 2017 Acura MDX has update look and new features.

It hardly seems like the Acura MDX has been around for 17 years. But while competition has increased with the ever-expanding popularity of sport utility vehicles, the mid-size luxury crossover has retained its strong pace among three-row SUV options. Honda, which manufacturers Acura via its luxury nameplate, states the MDX was the first and current …

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Volvo unveils new car-buying reality in cool car videos

The 2016 Volvo XC90 offers luxury, elegance and safety.

Volvo has just released two videos that have moved to forefront of the auto industry. Volvo cars are marketed as the safest cars on the market. The carmaker’s design also reflects the clean, sleek characteristics of Swedish design. The two new car videos personify that image. The first video is a six-month-old project Volvo has …

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