Dos and don’ts, compensation after a motorcycle accident

Michael James

Motorcycle Accidents can reduced with proper precauctions.

Having a motorcycle accident is nothing to joke about. Hundreds of people are hurt or killed in this way every year. Some people ride motorcycles for a rush of adrenaline, others use their bikes to commute. But it doesn’t matter why you want to ride a motorbike, you need to be safe. If an accident occurs, you should be compensated if you’re not at fault.

Here are suggestions if you’re in an accident and are unsure what to do.

Hire A Motorcycle Accident Specialist Lawyer

As soon as a motorbike accident occurs, start the process of finding and engaging a lawyer. The sooner you get in touch with your motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner he or she can begin working on your case. The attorney will collect everything from police reports and witness statements to insurance files.

Having a specialist personal injury lawyer is ideal to receive the proper compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been hurt in the accident, the lawyer can handle everything from paying your medical costs to arranging life insurance to protect your family financially if you die.

Get Medical Help

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, get medical attention promptly. The accident may have worsened pre-existing injuries. You may also be unaware have internal injuries. Even if you’ve only suffered cuts and bruises, it’s better to get examined than risk an undiagnosed problem becoming worse. Never assume you’re not hurt.


A motorcycle accident can result in just cuts or bruises, but serious injury and death may occur.
A motorcycle accident can result in just cuts or bruises, but serious injury and death may occur.

Don’t Accept Any Blame

Anger can rage following a motorcycle accident. But make sure you consider your words carefully when discussing the situation. Don’t accept blame. If you need to defend yourself, say “I’m sorry” instead of “it’s my fault.” Even if you were at fault, don’t take responsibility until you’re in court and a judge or jury has heard all the facts.

And even if you don’t have to go to court, admitting fault might mean you receive a smaller insurance payout, or perhaps your insurer will refuse to pay at all. It’s best to remain quiet, document relevant details and let professionals determine how the situation will be resolved.

Read The Police Reports

The police report is part of your lawyer’s case against the defendant in your motorcycle accident case. You can also ask for a copy to see if the document is complete and accurate.

If you don’t like what’s included in the report, you can argue against it. If you decide to go to court later, the copies you get are also important because they will be used as proof. When it comes to your health and safety, you can never be too careful.

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