Radical Ferrari LaFerrari successor spied upon

Mason Bloom

Ferrari’s top-of-the-line hypercars are unveiled once a decade, and the newest addition to the bloodline won’t be hard to miss.

Automotive YouTuber “Varryx” uploaded initial footage of a Ferrari test mule wearing full digital camouflage. No amount of camouflage, however, can cover the prototype’s colossal rear wing and other potential styling cues.

The public testing comes eight months after Ferrari announced the successor to the decade-old LaFerrari will “arrive soon.”

Varryx’s first look is only 40 seconds in duration but provides critical information regarding design and aerodynamics, and the powertrain configuration possibilities.

Additional clues can be found in leaked documents published by Motor1 pointing to a LaFerrari successor. The documents state the new vehicle is internally known as the F250 and its release is slated for October 2024.

Track-prepared XX and open-top Aperta models are also set are respectively set for fall 2026 and 2027 debuts. Only 599 F250 road cars, 30 XX, and 199 convertibles will be made, a total of 828 vehicles. 

The Varryx video was especially telling regarding the real estate given to the mule’s rear wing and surrounding area. The wing and other cues appear to take inspiration from Ferrari’s 1,000-horsepower SF90 Stradale supercar.

The new prototype’s headlights, taillights, and rear diffuser shape are highly reminiscent of the SF90. Mid-mounted exhaust draws inspiration from the supercar to this new prototype but in a new design. Unlike on the SF90, the exhaust protrudes from the bodywork and highlights the equally eye-catching design.

Spy image via Varryx on YouTube of Ferrari LaFerrari successor.
Spy image via Varryx on YouTube of Ferrari LaFerrari successor.

Similarities apparently end there. The LaFerrari successor features titanic front air inlets, and what appears to be a set of air outlets on the hood in a similar style to the current LaFerrari. Air outlets are also seen along the B-pillar and behind the front wheels.

The most telling item found on the prototype’s camouflage wrap is high voltage warnings on the hood and doors which suggest the LaFerrari successor will use a hybrid system. Specifics remain up in the air, but a graphic from July 2022 further suggests this prototype will use hybrid V8 power like that in the SF90 Stradale.

It would mark a significant departure from the V12 approach Ferrari has used in its flagship hypercars since the F50 debuted in 1995. The exceptions: the automaker’s previous two hypercars that featured turbocharged V8s.

Mason Bloom is a reporter for TheWeeklyDriver.com. When he is not writing about industry news, new car reviews or covering live motorsport events, he is a sophomore at Aptos High School on the California central coast.


Radical Ferrari LaFerrari successor spied upon 1
Graphic via Ferrari

Article Last Updated: February 20, 2023.

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