Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Scrapping Your Car

Michael James


Scrapped automobiles globally produce more than 25 million tons of recycled material every year. It’s among the most of all consumer goods recyclables.

So, rather than have your old car rust away in your garage, why not have it scrapped?

Scrapping your car properly will save time and money.
Scrapping your car properly will save time and money.

Almost every part of the car is recyclable, and the process helps protect the environment. Recycled metal is made into new sheets of metal used to manufacture new cars, saving energy and resources needed for metal production.

Why not contribute to a better environment and get paid for it?

Scrapping Your Car Properly

But before scrapping your car consider how to avoid five common mistakes.

Going with the first junkyard you find

There are tons of junkyard options to sell scrap cars, you have to do your homework to get the most for your car. For example, you can try to sell it yourself on a website like Autotrader or have a scrap car removal company tow it for you and pay you the market value.

Research best practices before scrapping your car.
Research best practices before scrapping your car.

A car sitting idle for years is not likely to start, let alone be driven to a junkyard. Towing it costs additional money. Why would you pay extra money to have your car scraped?

Some junkyards expect you to get your car to their lot. Don’t opt for them. Many junkyards will pick up your car for free and then scrap it.

Considering options will help you pick a junkyard that makes scraping a convenience, not a burden. Think of the process as selling your used car. It takes time and requires research.

Beware of the scrapping process

To get a price for your vehicle, understand the scraping process. The more salvageable material your vehicle has, the more it’s worth. Inspect the vehicle for visiting a junkyard. Not the parts in good condition and rust-free. Use these to leverage a good deal Otherwise, you may receive a lowball offer.

Trying to sell the car without a title

Cars can’t be scrapped a car without their title. You will be wasting your time if you even tried it. Junkyards will not accept a vehicle without a title. So, if you’ve misplaced it, be sure to check with your local authorities in getting a replacement before working out the details with a junkyard.

Giving your car to the junkyard without removing equipment

You can take remove items for your car its junkyard journey. Take out the stereo, speakers, emergency roadside equipment and personal items. The equipment can be installed in another vehicle or sold.

When your vehicle is given to the junkyard, you can just as easily forget about it. So make it’s thoroughly checked for all removable items not part of the agreement. Don’t cancel auto insurance on a scrapped car before selling it.

Once you’ve made a deal with a junkyard, cancel your insurance policy.

Many car owners forget and end up having to pay for a car they no longer own. Be smart and save money. Deciding to scrap an old car can be smart. Just make sure: Don’t opt for the first junkyard you find. Know the value of your car. Don’t try to sell a car without a title.

Make the process simple by not making mistakes.



Article Last Updated: September 8, 2021.

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