German motorhome cost $1 million, will carry your car

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A German manufacturer is offering a $1 million motorhome.

Recreational vehicle enthusiasts, like car and truck owners, have varied preferences in the modes of travel. Add to the list the Variomobil Signature 1200. The bus-sized motorhome features a 523 horsepower Mercedes-Benz engine, and it can carry another Mercedes-Benz or another car of your choice.

It’s an expensive alternative to towing a vehicle. The base price is about $922,000. With options, the motorhome’s price can reach $1.3 million.

A German manufacturer is offering a $1 million motorhome.
A German manufacturer is offering a $1 million motorhome.

The Variomobil is mmanufactured Germany, and the Signature 1200 has impressive specs: It’s 39 feet long, has three axles and a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

It also features a steerable trailing axle for improved maneuverability, air suspension and driver-assistance technologies like lane departure alert, active braking assist and available 360-degree camera system.

The motorhome’s most unique feature is the rear, pop-open tailgate. It’s where a vehicle enters and exits on a hydraulic ramp. It’s an on-board garage.

Variomobil offers three optional garage sizes, from the base version built to accommodate a Smart ForTwo. The “XXL” will house a Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz  SL or Mini Cooper.

The Signature 1200 has an insulated fiberglass cabin and it can be customized. Available furnishings and equipment include a touchscreen-controlled induction cooktop, 190-L refrigerator, dishwasher, full bathroom with mineral stone sink, LED TV with satellite, Bose audio system, washer/dryer, leather upholstery, real wood veneers, and microprocessor-controlled ambient lighting.

The cabin sleeps as many as six and it includes the option of a pull-down bed that stores above the two or four captain’s chairs in the driver cab.

Variomobil’s sample floor plan includes an open living area just behind the driver cab, a kitchen across from a small dinette, a bathroom and a rear bedroom, moving front to back. The standard side pneumatic slide-out opens up the living area, and additional slide-outs are available to increase interior space.

Standard and available systems and capacities include a dual 170-Ah battery-based electrical system, up to 420 watts of solar panels, a diesel generator or fuel cell and a 500-L fresh water tank. Gas heating and hot water are standard. Air conditioning, floor heating systems and diesel water heaters are options.


Article Last Updated: September 7, 2017.

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