The Weekly Driver Podcast – Episode 2 – Cars We’ve Owned

James Raia

Every family has cars, some long gone, some inherited by children or found in grandpa’s garage decades later. A vehicle’s pedigree is at least half the fun when discussing family cars. It could be something rare or a just a favorite old station wagon the family took on a trip when you were a child.

The Weekly Driver Podcast, Episode 2 – Cars We’ve Owned

In episode 2 of The Weekly Driver podcast, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss our first cars and other vehicles we’ve owned through the years. We also discuss our families’ cars, old Volkswagen models to Ford Falcons, tough old Buick sedans to a few “lemons” we’ve owned and wouldn’t mind owning again — just for nostalgia.

The Weekly Driver Podcast - Episode 2 - Cars We've Owned 1
Bruce Aldrich, co-host of The Weekly Driver Podcast, drove across the United States with his mother and father and two sisters in a 1958 Volkswagen Van.

My first vehicle was a 1962 Volkswagen Bug. I purchased it from close family friends in 1972 for $500. It was the only vehicle I ever worked on. Old Volkswagens were simple machines, and I learned how to change the oil and spark plugs. I knew how to adjust the valves, and I kept the car pristine.

Bruce’s family drove across the United States from California to the New York World’s Fair in a 1958 Volkswagen Van. His father also bought a 1959 VW Bug new. Bruce inherited the car, restored it and still drives it on occasion. My mother, grandmother and I drove from San Francisco to visit my sister in college in Riverside, California in a 1973 Volvo 144 sedan. It was heavy and slow, but it was safe, even with an 18-year-old-driver (me) who thought he knew everything behind the wheel.

We hope you enjoy the episode and we encourage and appreciate your comments. Cheers, James and Bruce. Email contact: [email protected].

Article Last Updated: December 27, 2017.

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