Mercedes-Benz gets dubious meanest ‘honors’

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The Mercedes-Benz AMG G65 has received plenty of praise, but it now also has a dubious honor — for the second straight year. A performance-oriented luxury SUV, the Mercedes-AMG G65 is the “meanest” car, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. It’s the most environmentally dirty 2017 car on the road.

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Mercedes-Benz has five vehicles on the meanest (most polluting) list for 2017.
Mercedes-Benz has five vehicles on the meanest (most polluting) list for 2017.

In a repeat of 2016, Mercedes-Benz again dominates the ACEEE’s worst polluters list. The German manufacturer has five of the 12 lowest-scoring models, although three if the selections are close siblings.

Toyota, which accounted for three of the 12 greenest cars, is also represented on the “meanest” list with three entries, two full-size SUVs – a Toyota and a Lexus – and the hefty Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

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Each car is given a whole number Green Score based on an environmental damage index (EDX). It estimates pollution from vehicle manufacturing, the production and distribution of fuel and vehicle tailpipes.

Here’s the list of the “meanest” vehicles for 2017, with city and highway gas mileage average total mean score.
1. Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG (6.0L, 12, auto 4wd) 11, 13, 21
2. Chevrolet G2500 Express (6.0L 8, auto) 11, 16, 21
3. Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 (5.5L, 8, auto), 12, 14, 23
4. Bentley Mulsanne (6.8L 8, auto stk), 11, 18, 24
5. Mercedes-Benz G550 (4.0L 8, auto 4wd), 13, 14, 25
6. Toyota Sequoia FFV 1 (5.7L 8, auto stk 4wd), 13, 17, 26
7. Mercedes-Benz AMG GL S63 (5.5L 8, auto 4wd) 13, 17,26
8. Bentley Continental GT/Flying Spur (6.0L 12, auto stk awd), 12, 20, 27
9. Ford Transit T150 Wagon (3.5L 6, auto stk), 15, 19, 27
10. Lexus LX 570 (5.7L 8, auto stk 4wd), 13, 18, 27
11. Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 (5.5L 8, auto 4wd), 13, 17, 27
12. Toyota Tundra FFV (5.7L 8, auto stk 4wd), 13, 17, 27

Here’s the link to the list of the Greenest Cars for 2017

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