Best Used Cars Under $10,000? Ford Dominates

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New cars or used cars? Buy a new car and you lose as soon as it leaves the showroom floor. Buy a used car and you get someone else’s headache.

There are many reason for both types of purchases, of course. And there’s the leasing option, which has been increasing popular for business owners and other buyers for a variety of reasons.

The used car market has always been a good choice for savvy buyers.

The financial website recently posted its selection of the 10 best used cars currently available.

The list features the car model, the best years of its best values, the percentage of the editions of the cars listed available for less than $10,000 and the average mileage.

The Volkswagen Passat is among 10 best values among used cars.
The Volkswagen Passat is among 10 best values among used cars.

Here’s the diverse list, which includes manufacturers for Ford to Volkswagen, Jeep to Dodge and Chrysler to Hyundai

Vehicle/Model Years/Percentage prices at $10,000 or less/Average Miles

Ford Taurus, 1986-2011, 44.4%, 111,723

Ford Expedition, 1997-2011, 39.9%, 142,026

Volkswagen Passat, 1991-2013, 33.5%, 110,218

Ford Explorer, 1991-2013, 32.2%, 127,894

Jeep Liberty, 2002-2012, 29.8%, 110,906

Dodge Grand Caravan, 1988-2012, 28.9%, 114,355

Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1993-2011, 27.4%, 129,336

Chrysler Town & Country, 1990-2013, 25.9%, 112,796

Hyundai Elantra, 1993-2012, 24.9%, 94,562

Ford Focus, 2000-2013, 24.5%, 97,310

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