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Drivers often in the dark about difficulties on holiday nights

Holiday traffic often makes driving appreciably difficult. But driving at night during the holidays is usually even more difficult. In fact, nearly one of every three drivers reports tthey have difficulty seeing all or at least most of the time while driving in the dark.

Eyecare experts warn against the potential pitfalls driving in the dark and offer tips to help alleviate problem while driving at night, particularly during the holiday.



Common problems that affect nighttime driving:

* Changing from seeing distance to near is difficult. A condition called night myopia makes it difficult for the eyes to focus on more than one thing;

Drivers often in the dark about difficulties on holiday nights 1
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* When you look straight ahead, only the very center of your vision sees colots so you have adjust your head and eye movement to really recognize road signs or objects on the side of the road.

To help correct night-time driving issues:

* If you don’t see well, you either need to drive more slowly, or take more time. By not doing so you’re putting yourself as risk for accidents and close calls;

* Try glasses with polarized lenses, which are anti-reflection coatings that keep reflections away, especially at night;

* For contact lens wearers, especially if you have astigmatism, choose a lens that will help stabilize your vision that’s also paired with technology to keep eyes moist.

For more safety tips about night driving, visit:

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