Honda offering $3,000 in free gas to 2012 Civic natural gas model buyers

James Raia

Honda is offering its biggest incentive for its least marketed car. Buyers of the 2012 Civic Natural Gas prior to January 2, 2013 will receive a $3,000 fuel card.

The prepaid card will be good only at compressed natural gas stations run by Clean Energy Fuels, a nationwide retailer of CNG fuel, and will only given to those who buy the car at participating Honda dealers.

Honda has 199 dealers in 36 states accredited to sell and service the CNG-burning Civic Natural Gas model. The new promotion, which launched Oct. 9, is available at 19 dealers in California, Washington, Utah, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio.

Honda offering $3,000 in free gas to 2012 Civic natural gas model buyers 1
2012 Honda Civic CNG . . . Image © James Raia/2012

The base price of the Honda Civic CNG it is priced about $7,000 more than a comparably equipped gasoline model. The base price of the 31-mpg (combined) Civic Natural Gas is $27,095 including Honda’s $790 destination and handling fee. The 44-mpg Civic Hybrid starts at $24,990.

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The $3,000 CNG fuel card is aimed at easing the price differential between the natural gas and gas Civis. The national average for CNG (methane) $2.05 for the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline.

The Civic Natural Gas is the only factory-build CNG car sold in the United States. It debuted in 1998, but it was available in primarily in fleets and wasn’t marketed nationally until the 2012 edition.

Article Last Updated: October 9, 2012.

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