Honda Civic

Honda Civic Type R claims front-drive crown at the ‘Ring

There’s a new King of the ‘Ring. Honda’s legendary Civic Type R, a long-time fan-favorite for its extraordinary performance in a ...

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The first available Rivian EV is already sold out before it's public debut, but test drives are near

#276, John Vincent, U.S. News & World Report, talks Best Cars, Brands, LA Auto Show

Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | MoreJohn Vincent is the Senior Editor and Correspondent/Vehicle ...

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The 2019 Honda Civic is still a top-rated compact after all thse years.

2019 Honda Civic: lagging sales, still rules as top-rated compact

The Fit, Civic and Accord, sub-compact, compact and midsize sedan siblings, collectively represent nearly everything right in the automotive industry. If ...

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Honda Civic Hybrid, 2008 (Video Review)

The 2008 hybrid Civic is equipped with a 110-horsepower, 1.3-liter engine with two relatively new features largely known by acronyms, IMA ...

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Honda Civic 2011 car review

For several years, the Honda Civic has likely held a unique distinction throughout the automotive industry — most available trims. The ...

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Honda Civic 2012 car review

There are enough versions of the revamped, roomier, fuel-stingy 2012 Civic coupe and sedan to satisfy many small-car buyers, but most ...

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Honda Civic HF, 2012: Better gas mileage but at what cost?

With the HF edition, Honda adds to its crowded 2012 lineup of Civics all featuring some lettering like LK, EX and ...

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2006 Honda Civic Si

Best Used Car Reviews: 2006 Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic is the best-selling compact car in the United States, and the Japanese automaker didn’t arrive at this industry-leading ...

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Best Used Cars: 2012 Honda Civic

Introduced 40 years ago as a two-door model and soon after in a three-door hatchback, the 1972 Honda Civic included a ...

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2015 Honda Civic: Dependable transportation defined

Now in the fourth year of its ninth generation, the Honda Civic remains among the most successful automobiles in history. The ...

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Honda Civic (Hybrid), 2008: The Weekly Driver Car Review

The 2008 edition continues the second generation of the Honda Civic hybrid, which was introduced in 2006 and has maintained a ...

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Honda Civic (Hybrid), 2009: The Weekly Driver Car Review

The Honda Civic hybrid, in its runner-up status to the Toyota Prius among eco-popular cars, has no reason to feel inferior. ...

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Honda Civic Hybrid owner sues carmaker for low gas mileage

If you don't get the gas mileage the manufacturer of your car has promoted, sue the carmaker. That's the approach Heather ...

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A prototype of the 2022 Honda Civic.

NEW CAR PREVIEW: 2022 Honda Civic boldly new

With a redesigned exterior, the 2022 Honda Civic will mark the debut of the vehicle’s 11th generation. The new model will ...

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2020 Honda Civic Si: Drive it for the fun of it

Vehicles available with manual transmissions are far removed from their dominant heydays. But consumers who still appreciate driving a stick shift ...

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The 2017 Honda Civic hatchback marks the return of the trim.

2017 Honda Civic hatchback: sporty value gem returns

A small percentage of the car-buying public still enjoys the mechanics of driving. But manual transmissions are increasingly rare. Meet the ...

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