Dick Clark: rock & roll icon, purveyor of 1957 classic car museum

James Raia

Dick Clark was synonymous with rock & roll. But like many celebrities, the host of American Bandstand who died April 17 of a heart attack at age 82, was an avid automobile collector.

Of course, 1957 was an iconic year for the music, the man and the cars, most notably the '57 Chevy. Clark had many cars in his collection, including the iconic '57 Chevy Larkspur Blue drop top with a dual-barrel 283 V8 with a Continental kit.

Dick Clark: rock & roll icon, purveyor of 1957 classic car museum 1

Clark's collection was located in a museum called the 57 Heaven Museum in Branson, Missouri. It was part of one of Clark's many businesses, the American Bandstand restaurant chain.

The 57 Heaven Museum closed in 2009, and the cars were sold by Mecum Auctions, the famed auction house based in Wisconsin.

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.

In addition to the famous '57 Chevy, the 1957 collection also featured the Mercury Indy 500 Pace Car Convertible, 957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 2-Door Hardtop, Ford Fairlane Convertible, DeSoto Firedome Convertible and Nash Metropolitan Convertible.

To view the entire collection, visit: American Bandstand Collection


Article Last Updated: April 19, 2012.

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