Super Bowl commericals: For creepy ad, two heads not better than one

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It's sometimes hard to know what the creative minds behind the commercials are thinking, particularly when considering a spot like the 30-second ad that will be broadcast in Super Bowl 46.

The plot is odd: Inside a dealership showroom, a car shopper is talking to a friendly dealer. But it's no ordinary visit.

As the customer and salesman are chatting, the car shopper's inner confidence is unleashed from his neck and shoulder in the form of smooth Disco-singing head. The tune: "Baby, I want that car!"

Some internet viewers have commented that the commercial "creeps them out."

That's a three-word review hard to disagree with. It's also a commercial that likely fits into the category of being so unique, the commercial is remembered but not the company presenting it.


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  1. I have to disagree. The shock value alone makes this ad a winner. Plus, I understood exactly what they we’re discussing. One of the year’s best. Catchy song as well.


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