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Kia Forte, 2010: Roman Mica's Rambling Review (Video)

Kia Forte, 2010: Roman Mica's Rambling Review (Video) 1Roman Mica, editor at-large for, wasn’t too keen on driving a Kia for a week. But like many others, Mica was surprised with the 2010 Kia Forte. It’s getting a lot of industry buzz. Here’s Mica’s introduction, followed by his video review.

Some Korean car manufactures have blatantly copied luxury competitors like the Mercedes Benz or Jaguar. But the Forte only takes the better design cues from the Civic and builds on them with a unique, original and sexy spin on the standard Civic.

So does the new Kia Forte SX offer dependability, comfort, style, and safety at an MSRP that won’t bust the typical budget?


Facts & Figures: 2010 Kia Forte SX

Price as Tested: $20,490.00; Engine, Transmission:  2.4 16-Valve DOHC CVVT 4-Cylinder engine with 4-speed automatic transmission; Horsepower: 173; G-Tac as tested Data at 5420 feet above sea level; 1/4 Mile: 18.72 second at 83 mph; 0-60 mph: 11.6 sec; 60-0 stopping: 113 feet; EPA Fuel Economy Estimates; City: 23 mpg, Highway: 31 mpg; Combined: 26.0 mpg; As tested: 23.9 mpg; CO2 per year: 7,826 lbs.

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