#155, New book, speed record (not), electric trucks, oh my!

James Raia

A new book, a speed record (not), new truck towing capacities, autonomous vehicles and the future of electric trucks. There’s always a lot happening in the automotive industry, and periodically Bruce Aldrich I just talk about a lot on The Weekly Driver Podcast.

We’re are each other’s guests this week to visit the above-mentioned news items. And it’s the 155th episode of our slightly more than three-year-old, 30-minute broadcasts.

First up this week is a new book by author Mike Mueller. It’s The Complete Book of Corvette, a coffee table-sized book details all generations of the “America’s Sports Car.”

The book is an all-encompassing volume showcasing more than 60 years of Corvette history. Created in cooperation with General Motors and illustrated with 500 color and black-and-white photos from GM’s exclusive Design and Media Archives, the book highlights the development, tech specs and visual prowess of the entire Corvette line.

New Book Details Corvette History

The book was released before the debut of the Corvette’s eighth generation, mid-engined C8. Mueller’s new book is an updated edition of his first Corvette title. But a third book may also be warranted detailing the 2020 model and its disruption of the industry.

In this episode, Bruce and I also discuss:

* The short-lived recent speed record of 331.15 mp set behind the wheels of the SSC Tuatara. Turns out the record wasn’t accurate with eagle-eyed video watchers noticed some peculiarities. The record is no more;

* A letter writer comment on a column I wrote recently, and he has plenty to say about the towing capacities of heavy trucks;

* Autonomous cars are being tested in controlled circumstances in the streets of San Francisco;

* Auto innovation usually seems like a great idea. How about a new solar-powered pickup truck bed liner?

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Article Last Updated: November 19, 2020.

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