#127, Hey, we’re back: coronavirus halts auto world

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The Weekly Driver Podcast took a brief hiatus during the continuing coronavirus crisis. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia both live in Sacramento, Calif., and are adhering to the social distancing regulations. But we’re back to discuss how the pandemic is affecting the automotive industry.

Our usual headquarters is the Aldrich kitchen. Bruce lives with his wife Alene, a physician’s assistant, and their Doberman, Indy, a few miles from where I live with my wife, Gretchen, a ceramic artist and retired teacher, and our two cats, Willow and Mia.

The Weekly Driver Podcast co-hosts James Raia (left), Bruce Aldrich and consultant Indy discuss how the coronavirus has affected the auto industry.
The Weekly Driver Podcast co-hosts James Raia (left), Bruce Aldrich and consultant Indy discuss how the coronavirus has affected the auto industry. Images © Alene Aldrich/2020

With an indoor podcast broadcast not wise, we set up remotely in Bruce’s backyard. And we kept our distance for episode #127.

Coronavirus affects auto sales

Like every facet of business and personal lives, coronavirus has drastically impacted every component of the automotive world. New car sales have plummeted. Brick and motor car dealerships are closed. The gig economy for Uber and Lyft drivers is awful.

The Weekly Driver Podcast is back. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss how the coronavirus have affected the auto industry.
Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich (front) and James Raia discuss the coronavirus on Episode #127 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Car and truck manufacturers have stopped production, although it took some carmakers longer than others. Notably, Tesla delayed the closure of its San Francisco Bay Area production facility until company founder Elon Musk finally acquiesced under pressure.

In China, the world’s largest car market, Geely is now finalizing vehicle purchases by dropping new keys to customers via drones.

Bruce and I discuss all of the areas in our new episode. Please join us.

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