#17, USA Today asks The Weekly Driver’s car advice (video)

James Raia

Bruce Aldrich and James Raia co-host The Weekly Driver Podcast

Going to auto shows, driving new vehicles, interviewing vintage cars owners is fun. It’s a job, too, although to enjoyment far outweighs the usual definition of work. The issue came to mind recently when USA Today asked for my opinions in several automotive areas.

USA Today project is its 10 Best lists, including several in the automotive field. The categories were favorite car show, NASCAR track, motorsports, and best experience.

I hadn’t thought about the topics much in my 15 years as an auto journalist. But it’s one of several areas Bruce Aldrich and I discuss during video episode No. 17 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

My choices in the various areas included: The Los Angeles Auto Show, Monterey Auto Week and Pacific Coast Dream Machines among auto shows as well as watching MotoGP and reviewing two Bentleys. Bruce had similar answers but also cited Daytona Motor Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

While I was on assignment, Bruce hosted the show from our base in Sacramento. I contributed from Pebble Beach, California, during a break from reporting on the U.S. Open.

Additionally, Bruce and I discuss the recently announced innovation from Rivian, the pending all-electric sport utility vehicle and pickup. Its latest innovation is vehicle-to-vehicle recharging and auxiliary battery packs. The ideada are among the marketing initiatives while the much-touted vehicles are still pending.

And Bruce and I also discuss a few other trends in the automotive industry.

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