Top-10 cheapest cars in the United States, all less than $16,000

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Since the average price of a new car in the United States is just under $30,000, what can a consumer except to purchase with a budget of $15,000 or $20,000? Some might say what’s a good cheap car? Others might look at it as buying a good car at a good price.

Turns out, for whatever reason, the options are plentiful. Seven U.S. and international manufacturers combined offer 10 cars all with a base price of less than $16,000.

Based on the average transaction price, including the MSPR, taxes, license, factory rebates and dealer discounts, 10 U.S. and international manufacturers combined to offer 10 cars priced at less than $18,000.

The cheapest cart in the United States is the 2014 Nissan Verse
The 2014 Nissan Versa is the cheapest car available nationwide in the U.S.

The cheapest car available nationwide is the Nissan Versa with a base price of $12,780. The cheapest car available throughout the Untied States via the average transaction price is the Smart ForTwo at $14,264.00


The lists were compiled by Kelley Blue Book (, USA Today and

The rankings are based on sticker prices, including shipping charges. All vehicles listed are 2013 models except the 2014 Versa.

The 10 cheapest cars based on MSRP:

•Nissan Versa S Sedan, $12,780
•Chevrolet Spark LS Hatchback, $12,995
•Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe, $13,240
•Ford Fiesta S Sedan, $13,995
•Kia Rio LX Sedan, $14,350
•Ford Fiesta S Hatchback, $14,995
•Chevrolet Sonic Sedan, $14,995
•Toyota Yaris 3-door, $15,165
•Kia Soul, $15,175
Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan, $15,340

The 10 cheapest cars based on average transaction price (ATP).  The ATP is the all-in, out-the-door price that includes taxes, license, factory rebates, dealer discounts.

•Smart ForTwo, $14,264
•Chevrolet Spark, $14,707
•Mazda2, $15,528
•Nissan Versa, $16,092
•Ford Fiesta, $16,361
•Scion iQ, $16,688
•Kia Rio, $16,786
•Toyota Yaris, $16,881
•Hyundai Accent, $17,102
•Honda Fit, $17,651

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