Tesla debuting three new retail stores to unveil Model S

James Raia

Tesla Motors, which next year will introduce Tesla Model S, the newest offering from the California-based, high-end electric sports car manufacturer, is opening three more retail stores in North America.

Tesla Bellevue Square at the plush shopping center in Bellevue, Washington, opens today (November 5, 2011).

It will be followed by Tesla store opening in Chicago's Oakbrook Center (Nov. 12) and a store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California (Nov. 19).

The Bellevue Square store will feature a display of a Model S Beta prototype and drivetrain components.

All of the new stores, like the current Tesla sales areas, are designed to demonstrate the technology involved in the new Model S and the benefits of driving electric.

Specifically, the retail stores will include hands-on exhibits, interactive features and a design center for buyers to customize their purchases.

Article Last Updated: August 29, 2023.

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