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Yaris, Touareg, Probe among worst named cars

Yaris, Touareg, Probe among worst named cars 1Automotive web sites are big on lists. Cars of the year, best bargains, most efficient, biggest gas guzzlers, best resale, etc. has new fun list — worst car names. Editors make certain to mention the list doesn’t reflect a vehicles’ the merit or lack of merit. Rather, it’s a top-10 list citing the absurdity of some car names.


The author writes:

“Below are 10 vehicles from the past 30 years with names so awful and awkward that we’re sometimes surprised consumers gave them a shot.”

No. 8 on the list, for example, is the Toyota Yaris. The author details:

Yaris, Touareg, Probe among worst named cars 2

“There was a girl in my dorm freshman year who organized her shoes alphabetically by mood. She majored in dead languages and responded to every single question with ‘no worries.’ She once set the dorm microwave on fire by overcooking a ham-and-cheese Hot Pocket. Yes, that story is ridiculous and nonsensical … sort of like naming a car Yaris.”


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Here’s the list of list 10 worst named cars:

10. The entire Lincoln lineup, like MKZ, MKX, MKS; 9. Hyundai Equus; 8. Toyota Yaris; 7. Kia Forte Koup; 6. Subaru B9 Tribeca; 5. Volkswagen Touareg; 4. Ford Probe; 3. Subaru Brat; 2. Isuzu VehiCROSS; 1. Ford Aspire.

To read the full article, visit: Top-10 Worst Car Names


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