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3 key factors when buying a used car for a teen

Buying a used car for a teenager requires careful planning.


Despite how much you may enjoy it, it may not be possible to drop off and pick your teenager from school every day. Your younger family members may also travel afar and driving them may not be possible.

The solution may be to get them a car.

Teenagers being teenagers, purchasing the right car is important, particularly if your child is driving for the first time.

Buying a used car for a teenager requires careful planning.
Buying a used car for a teenager requires careful planning. Image © Elijah O’Donnell.

Buying a used car can also be problematic unless it’s properly maintained and driven carefully.

Still, if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchased a new vehicle, good quality used cars are available and worthy of purchase.

Here are some key guidelines to follow:

Make sure your child is driver trained

Many children today learn to drive at young ages, sometimes before they’re legally allowed to operate cars and trucks. And some teenagers may be skilled drivers before they’re eligible for a driver’s license. But requiring that they receive professional training lessons will ensure they properly learn how to operate a vehicle. And they’ll learn how to drive on varying terrain and in different weather conditions.

Make sure to properly search a vehicle

Safety is the top priority when shopping for a vehicle for your child. Make certain to do a background check on any vehicle to determine if it was involved in accidents that may affect its future. Getting an incident report from a reliable online company is recommended.

Be detailed when buying a teenager a used car

One way to do this is to get a mechanic report and accident history from reliable websites such as the California incident report. The result of the report can help you finalize a decision whether or not to purchase the vehicle being considered.

Make sure to choose the right for your teenager

The size, design and ease of use of the used car you choose for your child will go a long way to improving their safety on the road. If a car’s natural driving platform is too low or too low for your child’s height, it’s not a good fit.

It’s of paramount importance to consider a vehicle’s ability to protect your child in case of an accident. Is the vehicle reliable? A vehicle breakdown could lead your child stranded and potentially in danger.

Used car purchase conclusion

A teenager’s safety while driving isn’t determined by whether they’re driving a new or used vehicle. Your child’s safety generally depends on how well they are prepared and practice safe driving in a safe vehicle.

Your concerns can be eased if you purchase a used vehicle with a warranty from a certified dealer.




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