Avoiding car trouble while driving on public roads

Michael James

Avoiding car trouble means proper maintaining your vehicle.


Car trouble can arise when driving on public roads, and good drivers do their best to avoid potential hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.

But being safe on the road requires diligence, practice and good sense on how best to avoid potential catastrophe.

Avoiding car trouble means properly maintaining your vehicle.
Avoiding car trouble means properly maintaining your vehicle.

Here are driving guidelines and practical tips to avoid car trouble and stay safe on the road.

Only Drive If You Are Able

It may be obvious, but drivers should only drive when they’re able to drive. If you’re impaired, don’t drive. If you think you might be impaired, don’t drive. The consequences can be horrible, physical injury to yourself and others, and the indefinite immediate threat of your license being suspended.

Impaired driving causes thousands of deaths every year. Driving under the influence without fatalities or bodily injury to yourself or others or to vehicles isn’t as catastrophic. But it is costly.

Avoiding car trouble results in happy driving.
Avoiding car trouble results in happy driving.

Don’t Be Distracted

Driving distractions abound, loud music to mobile phones. The anger of other drivers is distracting. To not be distracted, maintain proper focus while driving. Don’t take your eyes off the road and don’t take your hands off the steering wheel. Focus on the road ahead and check your rearview mirror regularly.

Car Trouble Can Be Avoided

If you’re tired, if the sun is impinging your vision, or if for any other reason, the situation doesn’t allow you to completely focus on driving, pull over safely to this side of the road and reassess.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Properly maintaining your vehicle is imperative to its safety and the occupants’ safety. By properly maintaining a car, including changing the oil, checking tire pressure, etc., it will last longer.

Avoiding car trouble promotes driving freely on the open road.
Avoiding car trouble promotes driving freely on the open road.

More importantly, keeping your vehicle in top condition will reduce the chances of car trouble, including breaking down on the road and leaving the vehicle’s occupants stranded.

Watch The Dashboard

The dashboard of your vehicle features an engine warning system, including gauges and warning lights that identify issues. Study the owner’s manual to understand what different engine warning symbols mean. Regularly pay attention to the dashboard, including the temperature gauge to check that the engine temperature is within the normal range. If the gauge is outside the proper range, it’s an indication of a problem.

If an engine light is a flashing amber color, it generally means the engine oil level and other fluid levels should be checked. If an engine light is red, a serious problem exists and the engine requires immediate attention.

Avoid Potholes

Keep a keen eye on the road for potholes. Driving through potholes can cause further car trouble, resulting in serious damage and expensive repairs. Avoiding potholes will negate potential problems with your vehicle and help ensure the safety of its occupants.


Article Last Updated: December 2, 2020.

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