Tiny cars display shows big world of small wonders

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Pickup trucks and SUVs rule the automotive landscape. Bigger is better. More horsepower and torque equate to sales. But it all means very little to tiny car enthusiasts.

For mini, micro, pedal & toy cars owner great things come in small packages.

Tiny cars will be display at athe Audrain Museum.
Tiny cars will be displayed at the Audrain Automotive Museum from Nov. 21-Feb. 14, 2021.

The Audrain Automotive Museum, located in Newport, Rhode Island, recently announced its newest exhibit dedicated to tiny vehicles. The “Small Wonders: Mini, Micro, Pedal & Toy Cars” will open November 21 and continue through February 14, 2021.

The BMW Isetta, Fiat’s quirky 500 Jolly, a Nash Metropolitan and a Peel P50 are among the more well-known micro cars scheduled to be on display. But the exhibit will also feature experimental cars, concepts and race cars.

Besides gas-powered vehicles, collections of pedal cars, child-sized power cars and toy cars will also be on display.

Besides tiny cars, collections of pedal cars, child-sized power cars and toy cars will also be on display.
Besides tiny cars, collections of pedal cars, child-sized power cars and toy cars will also be on display. Image courtesy of Petrolicious.

Exhibit organizers will allow 25 guests into the gallery at one time to maintain proper social distancing.

Tiny Cars Preserve Big

According to its website, the Audrain Automobile Museum began in 2014 with the mission of “Preserving, Celebrating & Sharing Automotive History.”

“The Audrain Automobile Museum connects and engages with other local non-profits and the greater Aquidneck Island community.

“The historic Audrain Building was transformed into a captivating exhibition space, fit specifically for our cultural needs. The museum, with access to collections containing over 350 cars and motorcycles ranging from brass era pre-War cars to Supercars of the 2000s, displays three or four fresh and thematic exhibits each year, to entertain all generations and stylistic preferences.

“America’s love affair with automobiles is intrinsic, and Newport’s place in the history of the automobile is essential. The museum supports and educates the Aquidneck Island community through programs and car events, including the Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week, “A Celebration of History, Luxury, & Sport,” held each year in early October.

For more information, visit: https://www.audrainautomuseum.org


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