#149, #150: The Weekly Driver Podcast celebrates 3 years (Part 2)

James Raia

David Ankin is the host of ToyMakerz.

The Weekly Driver Podcast debuted in September 2017. Bruce Aldrich and I had already collaborated on automotive YouTube videos and attending car shows together for several years. A podcast seemed like an ideal new creative outlet.

We’re now 3-years-old and 150 episodes into our show.

Bruce Aldrich (left) and James Raia interview Alex Guberman, an electric vehicle expert who has a vast following on the YouTube Channel, E For Electric.
Bruce Aldrich (left) and James Raia interview Alex Guberman, an electric vehicle expert who has a vast following on the YouTube Channel, E For Electric, on The Weekly Driver Podcast

To celebrate the milestone, Bruce and I independently picked our five favorites episodes. And we discuss them in a double presentation on Episodes #149 and #150.

The Weekly Driver Podcast Celebrates 3 Years

Bruce actually picked six episodes. And among our combined 11 favorites, only one overlapped.

We both selected artist Chris Miller. An article posted in the creative newsletter Atlas Obscura about Miller’s first stone truck creation many years ago led to email contact and Chris agreeing to be our guest.

Based in Calais, Vermont, Miller has been a traditional sculptor and mason for more than 45 years. Miller’s hobby and now a new income source: He creates elaborate life-size trucks from stone. He recently completed his second creation and has contracts for three more.

During the three years of The Weekly Driver Podcast, we’ve had diverse guests: authors, CEOs, analysts, vintage car colleges, website owners, race car and motorcycle drivers, a stuntman and a museum curator.

We’ve talked with a city mayor, small business owners, memorabilia collectors, auto show guests, car auction experts, vintage car rental shop owners, an automotive painter, a former cyclist who restores classic junkers and experts who haul junk cars.

The audio for episodes #149 and #150 is the same.

Listen to episode #149 for the details of my five guests and episode #150 for Bruce’s top-five picks:

Bruce’s top guests include:

5. #134, Chris Miller: Stone truck artist

4. #120, Author Patrick Foster: 80 years of Jeep

3. #114, Autonomous Racing, Indy Motor Speedway

2. #84, David Ankin: ToyMakerz TV Show

1. #58, Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

Visit part 1 in our double episode when James reveals his top-5 podcast episodes.

We’ll be back with new episodes soon.

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Article Last Updated: September 8, 2020.

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