#134, Vermont artist Chris Miller’s stone truck

James Raia

Chris Miller, a sculptor and stonemason in Vermont, created a stone truck in 2012.

Chris Miller, a sculptor who lives Maples Corner, a hamlet outside Calais, Vermont, began carving about 45 years ago. He works in granite, wood and marble, and his work is featured in private collections and sculpture galleries. It all gets its share of acclaim, including one of his most unique creations — a stone truck.

Miller’s truck sculpture was inspired by a stone creation of a Volkswagen Beetle built in Ithaca, New York in 1976. It’s also an homage to an automotive phenomenon.

Chris Miller, a sculptor and stonemason in Vermont, created a stone truck in 2012.
Chris Miller, a sculptor and stonemason in Vermont, created a stone truck in 2012.

As our guest on this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast, Miller discusses driving in the rural Northeast where abandon vehicles are sighted often. Sometimes they share nature with overgrown weeds. Sometimes, the vehicles carry a beautiful patina, complemented by wildflowers.

A small town, a big stone truck

Podcast co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with Miller about his long art career, particularly the process of creating his stone vintage truck built in 2012. It was created in five weeks after Miller launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $2,500. He received $3,200 from 85 backers. The truck attracts visitors from several states.

According to his bio, Miller is primarily self-taught, although he studied art in college. He also studied anatomy and sculpture with the late Lothar Werslin of Sandgate Vt., and drawing and anatomy under Billy Brauer of Warren Vt. He’s collaborated with several stone sculptors in nearby Barre Vt.

There’s a lot involved in making a true-to-size stone truck. Miller’s piece included 8 loads of quarry stone, 2 pallets of bluestone, a marble tailgate and big chunks of granite. The truck weighs about 40 thousand pounds.

A vintage truck showcased in rural Georgia. Image © Chris Miller/home/theweeklydriver/public_html.chrismillerstudio.com.
A vintage truck showcased in rural Georgia. Image courtesy of Chris Miller/www.chrismillerstudio.com.

While continuing our series of podcasts from Bruce’s backyard in Sacramento during the coronavirus, we reached Miller in rural Tennessee. He was touring several states, including a visit with a client for another stone vehicle.

Miller said his trip was also to cultivate inspiration for additional artworks. He forwarded the image of a truck he observed in Georgia.

Please join us as Miller shares his world as a sculptor and stonemason.

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Article Last Updated: August 6, 2023.

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