#148, Tow truck driver talks COVID-19, airbags

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Ray Elliott, a tow truck driver in the south San Francisco Bay Area, has viewed the mistakes motorists make so often he started a website several years ago called Idiots on the Interstate (idiotsontheinterstate.com).

The site is void of advanced graphics and is perhaps best described as primitive. But it’s chock-full of information, videos and Elliott’s opinions about the pathetic, often tragic and often preventable accidents and incidents he’s witnessed throughout his long career.

Ray Elliott, a tow truck driver in the south San Francisco Bay Area, discusses how the coronavirus has changed driving habits.
Ray Elliott, a tow truck driver in the south San Francisco Bay Area, discusses how the coronavirus has changed driving habits.

Elliott has arrived on the scene of every kind of accident imaginable, sometimes before law enforcement personnel or first responders. He has seen fender benders and death, and he has saved lives and comforted many in need.

Part of Elliott’s introduction on his website, lets the reader quickly know what he’s all about:

“I have saved lives, fought fires, washed dishes, driven nails, and now I tow. If there is one thing I know, it’s towing. And you people can’t drive, so I have job security. That said, let’s get to what you should expect when you call for a tow truck.

“Let me tell you what it’s like being a tow truck driver. I come to rescue you and your vehicle in any situation you can put your vehicle in. I have removed cars from places you can’t get a car into. I have seen cars on all four sides and front and end. Quite often, I arrive at the scene of an accident before the fire department.

“I know all the streets in all the cities I work in. I know every short cut to get you where you need to take your car. I know most of the automotive shops in my area. I know we all make mistakes, myself included. I have set tow rates that I cannot bargain lower prices.

“I know what your car needs. I have done this for a long time and have seen your situation more than once. My goal being there, at your aid, is not just to tow your car, but to make sure that you, being my customer, are also safe and off of the side of the road, and hopefully, driving away.”

Tow Truck Driver: Times Have Changed

It’s the reason Elliott is among our favorite guests on The Weekly Driver Podcast.

On episode #148, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss with Elliott how the coronavirus has changed the driving landscape and his job as a tow truck driver.

As many have likely noticed, fewer vehicles are on the highway. One major result — drivers are driving faster. And Elliott is busy.

Elliott has written two essays for theweeklydriver.com:


Elliott was also our guest on Episode #60 in November 2018. He told us about the crappy engineering in cars, chastised the use of frontal airbags and his many experiences. He says want he wants without a filter.

Join us for another lively episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

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