Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco as mini-RVs

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GehoCab has taken its current expertise in off-load motorhome conversion in the Volkswagen Amarok into a far larger market for RVs.

The German-based company has announced it’s reconfiguring its carbon-shelled, chassis-mount campers for installation in the Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco and other popular off-road SUVs.

Gehocab is now making SUV's into off-road mini-RVs.
Gehocab is now making SUV’s into off-road mini-RVs.

The company’s goal is to create the lightest available off-road 4×4 campers.

Gehocab makes carbon fiber modules for RVs

Unlike typical bed-top and chassis-mount truck campers, GehoCab’s original Kora camper has a sleek, glossy carbon fiber construction. It has wide-stretched windows, flush integration with the base truck and color-matched paint.

Now, GehoCab is designing two 4×4 motorhome modules, the compact Fiete and the larger Findus.

The Fiete is compatible with the Land Rover and Bronco as well as the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz. The 13-foot-long smaller model will attach directly to the rear chassis.

GehoCab’s carbon construction results in a 1,014-pound camper with a full-time alcove bed, central dinette and compact rear kitchen block. There’s also a shower and toilet, and an optional conversion kit creates another bed from the dining bench.

Scheduled for launch in October, the Fiete has a starting price of $123,700, including the conversion but not the base SUV.

Standard equipment for small RVs includes a frost-proof 90-liter freshwater tank, 100-watt solar panel, 100-Ah lithium battery, 29-liter compressor fridge and a luggage trunk across the departure angle-optimized lower rear-end.

The Findus, also expected to debut this fall, is the upsized model. It’s 15.4-feet long and accommodates a two or four-sleeper layout. It’s more suited to the Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Land Cruiser and extended-wheelbase Mercedes G-Class. It weighs 1,162 pounds.

Roomier and offering expandable design features, the Findus has a dual-bench L-shaped dinette. It can be optionally equipped to convert to a double bed to complement the alcove bed.

The Findus will include a standard a 150-liter frost-proof water tank, 300-watt solar charging, 160-Ah lithium battery, an induction cooktop and a 55-liter compressor refrigerator. Prices start at $159,625.

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