#108, Vintage auto poster collecting expert Tony Singer

James Raia

Tony Singer in an expert in the of vintage auto posters

Everett Anton Singer, known mostly by everyone as Tony, is a vintage auto poster collecting expert and founder of Automobilia Monterey. It’s the memorabilia segment of Monterey Auto Week, the yearly August gathering of car shows, auctions and nearly every component of the industry.

Expanded to three days this year, Singer’s vintage automotive posters were an integral part of the show held at the Embassy Suites in Seaside. And he’s our guest on this week’s episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Tony Singer in an expert in the of vintage auto posters
Tony Singer is an expert in the niche collecting market of vintage auto posters.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss with Singer the world of vintage auto poster collecting and as well the larger scope of car memorabilia.

Singer, who has been in the vintage automobile poster business since 1980, publishes the website www.vintageautoposters.com. It features a vast collection of posters and other memorabilia.

Our guest discusses various areas of poster collecting — automotive-related movies and celebrities to racetracks and iconic events. He also details fraud in the industry, how the marketplace has changed and his travels around the world to find rare authentic posters.

As Singer states on the website:

“Whether building a collection or seeking a single decorative piece, most discerning buyers have sought expertise and personal service. The vast inventory begins in the late 1890s and runs primarily through the 1960s, featuring marque, event, and product advertising.

Each poster is guaranteed original and is professionally archival linen mounted. Sizes are indicated in inches. Also available is a fine assortment of vintage auto-related window cards, signs and pins.”

Monterey Automobilia in 2020 will be held Aug. 10-12.

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Article Last Updated: October 23, 2019.

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