Smartphone case madness one car owner’s delight

James Raia

The ultimate smartphone case company's PR campaign.

Car art is nothing new. But this creation is among the wildest (and ugliest) I’ve seen. Is it social commentary? Is it a bad dream? Is it a smartphone company salesperson’s idea of clever marketing?

My friend Dan Clarke, editor and publisher of tastecaliforniatravel.com, spotted this beast in front of Peet’s Coffee in Sacramento.

I haven’t counted the number of smartphone case and nor have I called the phone number made from yellow phone cases along the passenger side of the vehicle.

The ultimate smartphone case company's PR campaign.
The ultimate smartphone case company’s PR campaign. Image courtesy of Dan Clarke (www.tastecaliforniatravel.com.)

Of course, depending upon one’s perspective, this car art wonderment is either a masterpiece or complete trash.

If nothing else, it’s an attention grabber and likely a good marketing idea for the company it represents.

My take: It ruins a perfectly fine car.

And there’s always the perfect saying for occasions like this: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Article Last Updated: April 22, 2014.

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