Smartphone case madness one car owner’s delight

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Car art is nothing new. But this creation is among the wildest (and ugliest) I’ve seen. Is it social commentary? Is it a bad dream? Is it a smartphone company salesperson’s idea of clever marketing?

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My friend Dan Clarke, editor and publisher of, spotted this beast in front of Peet’s Coffee in Sacramento.

I haven’t counted the number of smartphone case and nor have I called the phone number made from yellow phone cases along the passenger side of the vehicle.

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The ultimate smartphone case company's PR campaign.
The ultimate smartphone case company’s PR campaign. Image courtesy of Dan Clarke (

Of course, depending upon one’s perspective, this car art wonderment is either a masterpiece or complete trash.

If nothing else, it’s an attention grabber and likely a good marketing idea for the company it represents.

My take: It ruins a perfectly fine car.

And there’s always the perfect saying for occasions like this: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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