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Toyota Corolla: Still top-selling car in history, 37.5 million and counting

It's hard to imagine: Somewhere in the world someone buys a Toyota Corolla about every 40 seconds. As such, since 2007 the entry level compact has been the best-selling car in history.

With a base price of slightly more than $16,000, the Corolla has had 10 model generations and has had sales of more than 37.5 million since its debut in 1966.

The current model has four-cylinders, 132 horsepower and gets about 35 mpg on the freeway.

Toyota Corolla: Still top-selling car in history, 37.5 million and counting 1

The combination of reliability, economy and durability add up to make the Corolla the ideal car in its native Japan and in the United States.

It tops the list of the top-10 best-selling cars in history.

In a detailed piece by Douglas A. McIntyre on the website,, the top-10 best-selling car are detailed, including total sales, manufacturer, base price and an explanation of the why the car has succeeded.

Here's the top-10 list in reverse order:

10. Chevy Impala (1958–current), 14 million
9. Volkswagen Passat (1973-current), 15.5 million
8. Ford Model T (1908–1927), 16.5 million
7. Honda Accord (1976–current), 17.5 million
6. Honda Civic (1972–current), 18.5 million
5. Ford Escort (1968-2000), 20 million
4. Volkswagen Beetle (1933-current), 23.5 million
3. Volkswagen Golf (1974-current), 27.5 million
2. Ford, F-150 Series Pick-up (1948-current), 35 million
1. Toyota Corolla (1966-current), 37.5 million

To read the complete story, visit: Top-10 Best-Selling Cars



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