Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno battle for Acura supremacy in Super Bowl commercial

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Jerry Seinfeld reportedly has one of the world's finest Porsche collections; Jay Leno's automotive passion includes more than 150 vehicles. And now Leno in the ficticous world of Super Bowl commercials has the first Acura NSX.

In a one-minute Acura commercial, set to air Feb. 5 in Super Bowl XLVI, Seinfeld is so excited about the new Acura NSX he'll stop at nothing to acquire the first one.

Shy of offering the apparent owner of the No. 1 Acura NSX the moon, Seinfeld finally has the guy won over with his access to his private ziplines through the Manhattan skyline.

Until, of course, Leno suddenly appears in his flying suit. He gets the keys to the car and swoops away with the former car owner holding on.

Seinfeld, foiled is quest for the car, commiserates with some of the unsuccessful characters from the commercial in a diner booth that looks remarkably like the diner from the sitcom Seinfeld.




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