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FOX News picks BMW, Nissan, Ford among favorite 2011 cars

Like many other print and electronic publications, the online edition of Fox News has announced its selection for "Five Favorite Cars of 2011." The selections couldn't be more surprising and diverse — BMW to Fiat, Ford to Nissan. Dodge is in the mix, too.

Fox chose its cars via one consideration: "Memorability."

Gary Gastelu, the FOX News reviewe, has nice things to say about the Lamborghini Aventador (who doesn't?) and he defines the Toyota Prius V as "possibly the most practical yet created."

But neither of the two cars made the "favorite" list.

The choice that makes the most sense but simultaneously is illogical is the BMW 1 Series Coupe. The choice doesn't make sense because no one can now get one. What good is that?

Here's what FOX said about the BMW:

"As the truest 'car of the year' on the list, BMW’s little performance giant is a one and done proposition. Less than 1000 of them were built for the United States, all are apparently spoken for, and there won’t be a follow-up performance anytime soon.

"What a shame. After all these years, BMW may have finally created THE ultimate driving machine. The 1M — as it will always be known — is packed with plenty of good stuff from the company’s hereditary uber-car, the M3, but in a smaller, lighter, nimbler package. Powered by a smooth and throaty 335 hp turbocharged inline-6, the $47,560 1M proves that Joy can indeed be BMW."

FOX also selected the Ford Mustang Boss 302, Nissan Juke, Dodge Charger and Fiat 500.

To read the full story on FOX's wild, wonderous and most memorable cars of 2011, visit: Fox Five Favorite



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