Another Auto Strike? How About Less Talk, Better Cars?

James Raia

hyundai_logoFor the second time in two weeks, the country’s auto industry is facing a strike. While negotiations continued, the United Auto Workers (UAW) set a Wednesday morning deadline to agree on a new contract or 49,000 hourly workers for Chrysler could strike.

What the pending strike means for the auto industry at large is hard to know. But it what is known is that tactics used both the company management and the UAW is growing old.

Management gives its side of the equation to the media and the workers’ representatives follow with their thoughts. Or the scenario works in reverse.

Regardless, both sides spin their tales to the press knowing exactly what they’re doing. And the media reports it.

For years, I’ve periodically heard friends and the parents of friends give their the strong opinions about the best cars to buy, the status of the auto industry and the United Auto Workers.

One common theme is, “Only Buy American.”

Auto industry strikes are nothing new. But with the ever-increasing number of quality automobile available in the United States, one can’t help wonder if even the diehard buyers of American-only cars might be getting fed up.

Anyone look at the cars manufactured by Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki, lately?

Article Last Updated: October 10, 2007.

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