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Toyota Prius recalls continue with software, hybrid system woes

More than 600,000 Toyota Prius V models have been recalled.

Toyota and recalls as synonymous. The Japanese manufacturer has announced another recall, this time 625,000 Prius models worldwide for a software issue. that could result in the failure of the hybrid system. In the United States, the recall affects 109,000 Prius V models from 2012, 2013 and 2014. The issue in the current software for ...

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The Family of Prius, hybrid cars still dominate

Wild exterior color for Toyota Prius concept car.

The Toyota Prius wasn’t the first hybrid vehicle in the United States. That honor belongs to the Honda Insight. But the Prius, which debuted a few months later, has been the most successful alternative fuel car in the United States — by a substantial margin — since its unveiling in 2000. In the past 15 ...

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Tesla, Toyota Prius among most fuel-thrifty 2014 cars

The 2014 Tesla is the most fuel-efficient car in the U.S. priced at more than $50,000.

It’s easy to list the most fuel-efficient cars and truck simply by miles per gallon. But listing the most fuel-sipping vehicles in categories is more comprehensive. Kelley Blue Book assembles a lot of car lists each year, but its most efficient car list for 2014 is arguably its most informative. The list ranges from cars ...

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Toyota Prius recall worries continue with braking issues

2010 Toyota Prius recalled

The ever-lingering recall of Toyota vehicles has continued with a voluntary safety recall of  Toyota Prius and Lexus HS 250h vehicles from 2010 because of potential braking issues. The total of 87,000 vehicles from 2010 models in the two brands being recalled are equipped with a brake pressure accumulator that may develop a fatigue crack ...

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