The 2014 Honda Odyssey has been refreshed in its 21st year and fourth generation.

2014 Honda Odyssey: Most versatile car made?

The 2014 Honda Odyssey marks a coming of age for the top-selling minivan. It’s 21 years old now, but it’s been ...

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The Honda Odyssey, the former standout and industry wonder, is now 27 years and stagnant. But it's not the minivan’s fault.

2021 Honda Odyssey makes minivans proud

The Honda Odyssey, the former standout and industry wonder, is now 27 years and stagnant. But it’s not the minivan’s fault. ...

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The 2020 Toyot Sienna minivan is in its ninth year of its current generation. It's an old school with some upgrades.

2020 Toyota Sienna: old school minivan still worthy

It seems like a sports car should be named after a city in Italy, not a minivan. But Toyota’s adult-aged family ...

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The Chrysler Pacifica is an ideal vehicle for a drive-in movie during the coronavirus.

Tow truck driver Ray Elliott pans 2019 Chrysler Pacifica, GM Sierra

Ray Elliott is a veteran tow truck driver in the San Francisco Bay Area who also publishes the website idiotsontheinterstate.com. In ...

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Chrysler Town & Country, 2009: Roman Mica’s Rambling Review

“How the heck do I turn on the heater on this bloody car?” I almost screamed at my 11-year-old son while ...

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica replaces the Town & Country.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica: New strong rival in minivan niche

Pacifica isn’t a new automotive nameplate. Chrysler first used it on a concept vehicle 1999. The Chrysler SUV/wagon discontinued in 2008 ...

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The 2016 Toyota Sienna is a versatile minivan for families of all sizes.

REVIEW: 2016 Toyota Sienna, minivan for all or one

The 2016 Toyota Sienna, celebrating its 20th year, ideally defines one of the manufacturer’s best attributes. Entry level sedans to large ...

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a rendering of the 2018 Honda Odyssey. The new generation of the minivan will debut January 9 in Detroit.

NEW CAR PREVIEW: 2018 Honda Odyssey gets hip

The worldwide debut of the 2018 Honda Odyssey, the fifth generation of the enduring minivan, will be unveiled January 9 at ...

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The 2016 Honda Odyssey has a new moderately priced Special Edition trim. Images © James Raia/2015

2016 Honda Odyssey: Best minivan gets better

It’s hard to believe the Honda Odyssey is well into adulthood. The 2016 Honda Odyssey marks the 23rd year of the ...

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2015 Toyota Sienna: no more minivan stigma

Minivans get a bad rap. They’re boxes on wheels. They’re only for soccer moms. Neither criticism seems fair to me, and ...

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2013 Honda Odyssey: Large luxury sedan disguised as a hip minivan

The Honda Odyssey is now 20 years old and for 2013, the hugely popular family van is in the third year ...

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The 2012 Honda Odyssey is one of the best used cars on the market.

Best Used Cars: 2012 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is arguably best car available currently in the United States when considering its versatility. The 2013 model is ...

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The 2013 Toyota Sienna is a versatile family van.

Car Review: 2013 Toyota Sienna: Practical, Easy Drive

With all the emphasis on stylish crossover vehicles, some might suspect that the generally dull-by comparison minivan is dead. But the ...

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Dodge Grand Caravan, 2013: Still leads the minivan pack

Although its glory days are gone, thanks to smaller SUVs and crossover vehicles, the minivan is still much alive. And Chrysler’s ...

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Ford Flex, 2013: New minivan standard for saddle shoes on wheels

Now in its fourth year, the Ford Flex has undergone substantial changes for 2013. While its long, flat roofline remains, the ...

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Dodge Grand Caravan 2011: Quick, overhauled, carlike

Some thought Sport Utility Vehicles and the newer car-based crossovers would eliminate minivans, but they remain too handy to die. While ...

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