Tips to Ensure Your Car is Safe and Secure at Home

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Tips to Ensure Your Car is Safe and Secure at Home

For many vehicle owners, keeping their cars safe and secure is a top priority, especially with the increasing rate of vehicle theft and vandalism. One great way to do so, among other things we will cover in this article, is by illuminating your parking area. You can install outdoor decorative lights or motion-activated lights. Decorative lights not only amp up the appeal of your home but also ward off potential vandals and intruders.

Tips to Ensure Your Car is Safe and Secure at Home

But that’s just one way. It is not always enough to deter desperate car thieves. So, we will be giving you a few more tips that’ll ensure your car’s safe, regardless of where it is parked – garage or driveway.

  1. Get a steering wheel lock

Locking your car door isn’t enough these days. Car thieves are getting smarter and more desperate. They could smash the windows and hot-wire your car. 

Steering wheel locks, however, can give your car that extra layer of protection. They mostly work as a visual deterrent. Many car thieves will walk away as soon as they see that your steering wheel is locked. But for the ones who would go the extra mile to steal your car, these wheel locks will buy you some time to call the police or draw enough attention to put a stop to their action.

  1. Install some alarms

If there’s one thing any car thief dreads, it would be car alarms. If, for some reason, you don’t have a car alarm, you should definitely install one. These devices make it difficult for any thief to get away easily. The alarm alerts you and leaves the culprit in disarray.

  1. Install outdoor security cameras

You can also install CCTV cameras to monitor your car and the area around your home. With these cameras installed outside your home, you can always protect your car. In cases where the thief succeeds, you also get footage of the incident that can be used as a tool to track down the thieves when given to the authorities.

Some security cameras have added features that make it easier to identify the car thief. If you decide to get a security camera, consider one with the following features: weatherproof body, HD resolution, live stream, people detection, and trespassing notifications that can be set to alert you on your phone. 

  1. Invest in a secure garage

Another way to guarantee your car’s safety is to lock it in a secure garage. This provides extra security from thieves and vandals, and it is a much better option than leaving it on the driveway. And your car will be fully protected from any weather conditions.

  1. Keep all valuables out of sight

If your car windows aren’t tinted, keep your valuables out of sight. Your laptop, bags, wristwatch, and other expensive jewelry shouldn’t be visible. Take them along with you or keep them in the drawer. This way, you don’t get to draw the attention of potential intruders and vandals toward your car.

Tips to Ensure Your Car is Safe and Secure at Home
  1. Keep your keys safe

It might sound like a pretty obvious thing to do, but some car owners get careless with their car keys. Keep your keys safe at all times. Better still, get keyholders that make it difficult to lose your keys. Avoid keeping them in open areas that thieves can easily access.

Also, ensure that only the people you trust have access to your spare keys. Do not leave them unprotected, too.


The safety of your car is your responsibility. With these six tips, you can secure your car and reduce the risk of it being stolen by a car thief. To top things off, you can also install a tracker on your car so you can find it wherever it is.

Article Last Updated: July 4, 2024.

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